Consequences of posting personal information online

When it comes to using the social media and sharing information on them, how much is too much? This is a question that is pretty tough to answer. But the key is to exercise discretion about what you choose to put in your social media profiles. There are stalkers, hackers, cyberbullies and several such evil elements using the internet, using the very same social media platforms that you are using. So if you are one among those who love sharing a lot of personal information online right from what you have for lunch or where you are headed to for the weekend, here are the dangers:

I am here

When you post location updates and check-in’s you are telling people of the world where you are and whom you are with. If you think that you can avoid the risks by simply posting a picture and not the location, think again. Geo tagging tools on your phone might record location information along with your photos. So when you post a photo, people who download it can use photo information tools to figure out all the information they need.

This is my family

One other risk of posting personal information on the internet is the fact that you are also putting your family at risk. Parents especially might feel overjoyed and proud and they happily share pictures of themselves along with their children. So your stalkers would now be able to see your children as well. And remember that they have a life and you would not be around them all the time. So what you share also puts them in danger. If you need to delete your personal data from the internet use this advice- sharing photos is great. But be mindful of what you share and do not share too much information.