A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Panel

People around the world are interested in converting to the Solar electrical system. But this is simple to say rather than being done practically. Hence, a good knowledge of the Solar panel system is essential to get involved in the process. As consumption of non-renewable energy has reached the upper limit, solar power can be utilized by more people. Many solar generators for best use are available in the market to choose from.

Options to Consider

There are several avenues to look for. If a person is residing in a rural area with no access to power grid, then installing a complete solar system with panels, batteries, inverter, switches and so on is a good choice. But if the residence is in an area where there is access to power grid, then grid power can be combined with the solar power to get seamless power always. Starters can try the solar kit – including Vmax Battery, best quality available in the market.

Equipment involved in Solar Panel System

Let us look at the basic equipment involved in building a Solar panel system.

Solar Panels: The first thing in the solar panel system is the Solar Panel. There are three types of solar panels available.

* Single Crystal Panels: They are the best quality panels and are suitable even for semi-sunny conditions. Best suited for regions were the sunny days are minimal.

* Multi-Crystal Panels: This is less-efficient than the Single crystal panels but are best suited for regions where it is sunny.

* Thin Film Panels: These are far less efficient than the other two but are put into best use in boats, cars, RV, etc.

Racks: Racks are where the solar panels are mounted. There are two types of trackers, the one that is powered by gas and the other one is electrically powered.

Inverters: One of the main components in the system is the Inverter. It converts the DC power to AC power. The low voltage from the batteries are converted into 110 or 220 volts AC for the household appliances to work on. There are two types of inverters – True Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave. True Sine Wave are expensive and is used in case of special equipment used at home.

Batteries: When it comes to batteries, there are many options available. For stand-alone system, a battery with a reserve of 3 to 4 days is essential. The most common type of battery used is the deep cycle lead acid battery. One can buy cheap deep cycle solar – generators and battery {ONLINE}.There are also other types of batteries like the Alkaline and Ni-Cad. Batteries also come in different sizes.

Charge Controllers: There are two main types of charge controllers – Multistage controllers and Power point tracking controller (PPT). PPT is the best because of its design and is quite expensive.

Other substantial parts of the system are the Combiner, disconnects and the junction boxes. For installation of bigger systems, these are highly recommended. Always remember to use good wiring as it demands copper. Wiring alone costs a lot in the installation of solar panels.

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