4 tips to writing better code for your software

Programming is very tough indeed. You may know the language and the algorithms, but coding is more complex. Here are some tips to writing better codes.

Use descriptive names

You should use clear and descriptive names for your variables, classes, and functions. This makes it easy for the programmer and others to read the code. If you don’t then you have to read the entire chunk of code to understand what it means.

Get rid of unnecessary code

Sometimes, when you make changes in codes, you tend to keep the old codes as well. This makes the coding crowded. It clutters up your file. It is better to delete codes that are not needed anymore.

Keep a consistent coding style

You should always keep the consistent coding style. You should decide what to do from the start and stick to it throughout. Some languages provide style guides like Python.

Select the right architecture

You can use various architectures to create projects. You should select the right one. In web development, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is very important. It helps in keeping your code organized. It keeps maintenance works to a minimum. The Entity-Component-System (ECS) pattern is also popular. This pattern is used in game development.

When you write simple and clear code, problem-solving becomes easier. You will waste less time on maintenance as the code will be easier to understand and read. You will also communicate ideas more clearly. So, you should use these tips to write codes.