Brain News: Was ‘Limitless’ Drug Sci-Fi Or Achievable In Real Life?

Pressure on every human being in this 21st century has become a big problem. With growing population, the demand for survival has increased. Education which was of less importance in the earlier ages has become most important aspect of life. Everyone needs money to survive. If you want money you need to work. If you need to work you need to have some kind of knowledge. To sum up, no matter what job you take up you need to get educated about it before you become successful. Competition has increased so much that the younger generation is most of the time stressed out because they are pushed to study. This pressure has led to finding alternate ways to achieve what we need.

This is where drugs or enhancers come into play. According to some news reports many students have started using these drugs to boost their performances in schools and colleges. Once there was an incident in one of the companies where a person was not getting recruited as he did not have technical skills required for that job. He tried his level best to learn about it. Given his age and the generation from which he was it was becoming more and more difficult for him to learn these technologies. Somewhere he heard about these cognitive enhancers and started taking them and excelled in his job.

Limitless drug or smart drugs, is it just a sci-fi or has it been achieved in real life is a question to which the answer is yes. Many drugs with different names are available in market for this.

Mind lab Pro is one such company that produces this. Its main aim is to increase the brain usage since some studies say that human being uses only 20% of his brain. It also focuses on reducing stress, mood swings, flow of blood in the brain. Mind lab Pro ingredients are similar to that used by others company that produce similar drugs.…

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The year 2017 has seen many new gadgets and accessories for your car that have entered the market. Some have made huge news while others have not been well accepted. For a tech savy car enthusiast definitely these accessories have been a boon.

To name some of the technologically advanced car accessories are the I Pad head rest mounts specially designed to entertain your back seat passengers. The dash cams that provide an extra pair of eyes to every driver have really been very welcoming in automobile industry. The smart phone holder mounts that help you to reach your smart phone at ease is another gadget used widely. The 10 piece radar detectors that help you keep all your important assets and documents intact are a relief to most drivers.

The cargo carriers that let you take all your cargo including the favourite bike is the best one in the year 2017. Transporting cargo was never so safer or easier before. With the growth of cities and traffic, storage problems are increasing rapidly. If you are looking for best cargo carrier go here to the local shops in US or shop online for the best cargo carrier with the best reviews.  Most of the car owners will definitely agree that these cargo carriers provide ample space to park your cargo and move. This is a great solution for space constraint that is faced in small cars.

The market in auto technology is growing at a slower rate but new technologies are appearing at a blistering pace. Most of these accessories are for safety and others are for convenience. Awareness is increasing towards these newer accessories and being used in daily life for safety as well as comfort. Of all these the cargo carriers are a luxury to the passengers.…

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