Quality Microphones For Your Vocal Recordings

Looking for good quality microphones for your recording or performance purposes? Done with all your research but still confused as to which one to buy? There are many manufacturers who offer different models for different purposes. While one model could be the best in the market, it is not necessary that other mics from the same brand would also be great.

Here is a short review of the four best microphones to help you now better:

AT 2020

The AT2020 from Audio Technica is a very high quality mic that offers a wide dynamic range and can handle high SPLs. The low mass diaphragm used in these mics has a superior transient response and a n extended frequency response. This in turn delivers very high quality of sound.

It uses a cardioids polar pattern which picks up only those sounds that are directly delivered to it. This reduces the sound that is picked up from the surrounding. The result is crisp and clear audio that is meant to go through the mic and not the external noises that can hinder the final output.

If you have checked audio technica at2020 reviews, you must have seen that this mic is value for money and is suitable for both professional studio and in home recordings. Hence, if you own this mic, you can use the same device both at home and in your studio.

Oktava mk (319) for vocals???

This is another cardioids condenser microphone with a large diaphragm, designed specifically for studio recordings. However, this mic can be used for live performances too. It produces a good quality full sound, which makes it apt for your vocal recordings. The mic is also priced low, hence one need not worry about it breaking or getting damaged when used in live performances or transported in a bag full of other things.

Though it is designed for studio purposes, the quality and clarity of the sound delivered is one of the best in the market. However, it is a good option for those who are just starting off their music careers or don’t have enough funds to invest in an expensive and top rated mic. Home studios can start off with this mic as it will fit within the budget and still produce a good quality of sound.

Blue Yeti

If you want to record music on your laptop or your computer, you need a mic that can make up for the sound quality that you are losing by not using professional recording equipments. The Blue yeti is one such mic that produces clear studio quality sounds.

This is a versatile microphone that can be used for vocals, instruments, podcasts, videos, audios, talking, etc. instead of buying a different mic for each of the above stated purposes, invest just in one blue yeti and save your money. Check out the 2016/2017 blue yeti review to know more about this versatile mic.

Sennheiser e935

Another cardioids vocal microphone that can be used on stage, this mic can produce very high output that can cut through the surrounding noise. If you are looking for a top quality mic: sennheiser e935 is the perfect choice.

With its shock mounted capsule and hum compensating coil, this mic is perfect to be used on stage. The low sensitivity enables it to cut out the handling noises and there will be no humming noise due to any electrical interference on stage. Overall it is a mic that can deliver your voice with more strength and volume, to the live audience.