Can I Have a Website Without a Web Host?

The essentiality of a website is to go live ideally. And to go live on the internet web host is a must. To have someone locate your house, you need an address. Similarly, for someone to locate your website on the web, an address is a necessity. However, choosing a host is quite a challenge and looking for coupons provided by them for a cheaper investment is also a challenge. Like for example, the hostgator 1 cent coupon code gives you hosting for a cent!

However, in cases where you want to create a website but you are not yet ready to go live, it is possible to design your website without hosting by creating a local server on your computer.  Once you have a local server up and running, you can install the WordPress and design your website.

Website builders – A know how

You can still design your own websites using website builders without having to choose web hosts, or choose domain names and then upload your files or website pages on to the host server. All you must do is choose a platform, choose a template and start working on your website. You can design your own website and add content to the site.

The advantages of website builders are that you can design and create a website in no time. You have a project output without wasting time on hosting and domain creation etc. The shortcomings of website builders are that they have minimal functionality. While it may serve you to create your own hosting, the tolls and features may not suffice to build a business website. You may find it difficult to realize and reflect your vision on the website. Wix and uKit are a good choice for website builders for promo websites or small business websites.…

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