Things A Good Amplifier Must Possess

When purchasing a guitar amplifier its significance needs to be remembered. One must not be impulsive and decide to buy just about any amplifier or depend the choice of amplifier on how cheap or expensive it is. Everything that is cheap need not be poor quality, but it cannot be the deciding factor. The same with an expensive one, as there is no assurance that paying more will get you the best.

Simply plugging in an amplifier, liking how loud it screams and buying it is not a good way to shop for a guitar amp. There are some key features which one must pay attention to. All your guitar amp needs is to meet these specifications and you are good to go.

But the first and foremost, carry your guitar along with you when shopping for its amplifier. This is the only way you will know how the amplifier behaves with your guitar.

Choose between Tube, Solid-state or Digital: The solid state and digital amplifiers provide amazing tone and are also easy on the pockets. Maintaining them is also easier. The Tube is considered as a standard or a benchmark, so you could simply take a blind listening test and decide for yourself.

Choosing the size: A bigger or a smaller amplifier fails the purpose.  As both will not provide what you need. If you plan on performing live on stage, you need a minimum of 30 watt amplifier.

Distortion is a big thing: It can come from many sources like the power amp, the pre amp and the speakers. While choosing an amplifier many over look this, but it tends to cause issues eventually. You can check for this by turning the power amp up to the top and turning it down again and figure out.

Different speakers have different compatibility with the power amps: This is a small factor that must be paid attention to. It could decide how your music sounds in the end.…

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