5 ways in which technology has changed the way we drive

We can see a lot of technological advancement in the car industry. Technology affects the way cars are made, operated and maintained. We are getting new methods every year that is making cars more efficient. Here are some ways to which technology has affected the way we drive.


Camera is a very important feature in the car now. Cameras are now smaller and more powerful. You can install cameras easily in different parts of the car. These cameras help the drivers see things that are surrounding their car.


Sensors help drivers to park correctly. There are two types of sensor technologies available: Ultrasonic sensors and Radar sensors. Parking sensor is very popular. There are sensors in speedometers also. You will also find pressure sensors, oxygen sensors, etc.

More energy efficient

The car manufacturers now give importance to energy efficiency. As new environmental laws are in place, care manufacturers focus on making cars that are more energy efficient. Cleaner fuels are now used.


The safety feature of cars has changed. Before, cars had only two airbags. Now there are four or more airbags. The quality of the airbags has also improved. These bags can determine the weight of the passenger and accordingly adjust the inflation force.


Cars are more secure now. There are keyless remotes, alarms, and anti-theft systems. Cars have safety lights so it can be parked in the dark as well.

The car technology has significantly changed the way we drive. In future, we can expect more changes that will make our driving easier and safer.