A Detector To Detect Your Radar Detector

If you are looking for good value radar detectors on the market, the Cobra xrs 9370 is something you must definitely consider. This radar detector from Cobra has many features packed neatly into a nice sleek and compact unit. If you want to know more in detail about this detector, read this review for cobra radar detector !

Here are some of the wonderful features of this unit:

* Fast Sweeping – The sweep circuitry is very fast and can help you detect even the fastest radar guns. Some radar guns shoot out only a short burst of signal, so that it does not get picked up by detectors. This detector however can pick up those signals too and give you warnings well in advance.

* Different Signals Detected – This unit can not only detect lasers and radar signals but can even detect radar gun POP that is used by many cops. Now with this radar detector, you don’t have to worry about which technology is used by the cops in which area.

* Modes – You can switch between the city and highway modes. Within city limits, the detector’s sensor needs to be less as there are high chances of it picking the wrong signals from signal posts, other high end vehicles etc. when this happens, you will be bothered with the constant beeps as warnings, something that you wouldn’t want when you are driving through the city traffic. However, when you are on the highway, you would want the detector to be more sensitive towards any possible radar signals.

* Cost – This radar cobra xrs 9370 is cheap too. It is a pocket friendly purchase with a lot of features packed into a neat package, which can save you a lot of money by avoiding speeding tickets, for a long time to come.

Choose Wisely

Any top rated radar detector 2016 / 2017 must be able to pick different signals at different wavelengths. This way, you won’t get detected by any radar or laser devices, no matter what is the band they are used in. Different cities have cops using different technologies such as the radars, lasers and radar POP guns. Your radar detector should be equipped enough to detect them all, as you cannot have a different device for each type of signal.

Radar Detectors – Yes Or No?

Now that you have a radar detector to keep you away from trouble with the law, should you really use it? The immediate response would be “why not?” however, many states have banned the use of a detector. If you are caught using such a device, not only will you be penalized for the speed but also for owning such a device.

In the recent times, the detectors are designed with a “radar detector detector” which can pick up signals from your detectors and alert the cops that you are using such a device. The technology is in competition with itself, and newer devices that counter the uses of the previous devices are constantly introduced.

So, Now What?

Well, that does not mean you cannot have a detector at all. You can buy a detector that has a protective shield. This shield helps it to stay from getting detected by these radar detector detectors. Hence you can still use a detector and avoid getting caught for speeding.